Why Learn English Online?

WHY LEARN ENGLISH ONLINE?, I hear you ask…And I have often asked myself, WHY TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE?

The answer to my question is simpleI have a passion for teaching and I am enthusiastic about languages (and a little biasedly the English Language!).  The more often I can indulge my passion, the better!  Teaching English online allows me to teach long after “school is out”!

Now onto YOUR question…

There is convenience, personal timing, a worldwide choice of native teachers and it is ABOUT YOU the STUDENT getting WHAT YOU WANT!

As Lewis (2005) stated:

With over 4 million students enrolled in online schools and universities (and that number is growing 30% per year), there are many compelling arguments for attending a cyber classroom.

So, read the list below and see if one of these reasons will compel you to Learn English Online

  • You can attend a course when it is CONVENIENT for YOU – if you are a parent; your children can be in bed already.  If you are a traveler (for pleasure or business); you can study anywhere, anytime your laptop allows you!  If you are a busy student; you can change lessons to match YOUR timetable.
  • Lessons are available outside of “office hours”.  If you can not learn until 9pm on a Friday night, chances are your teacher IS available FOR YOU.
  • The learning is STUDENT-FOCUSED.  The lessons are specifically designed to suit YOU.
  • As YOU are normally the ONLY student, you MUST participate.  There is NO hiding in the back of the classroom, online!  Therefore your SUCCESS is in YOUR hands!
  • An exposure to native teachers from different parts of the world.  This means different accents, different cultures and a diversity that can only be lived-not read in a book. There are OPEN boundaries with Learning English Online!
  • Contact with YOUR teacher after the class is finished.  Ever thought of a question, after the class is over and then by the time the next class starts, it is too late to ask it?  With Learning English Online, this is avoidable – contact your teacher via email, skype, blog or even twitter, when YOU want to and get an answer almost immediately!

Get the benefits of Learning English Online, now!